Do It Yourself Parking Lot Paint Application: High Quality Striping Paint Is The Key

Use high-quality striping paint for your parking lotIf you'd like to take your parking lot from small-time to professional-looking, you'll want to add straight, neat, clean parking lot stalls. The best way to get a professional result is to use high-quality striping paint and careful planning.

First time striping? Our free Line Striping Course will tell you everything you need to know to get it done right the first time!

Use striping paint to clearly mark the traffic areas in your parking lot. Present a professional look with quality paint, a line striping machine and a stencil. These tools can promote a polished business image, make better use of your parking area and improve your customer's experience with a clearly marked and self-explanatory traffic pattern.

Get Organized

Determine how to get the job done, what you will need and what costs are.

You can learn how to paint lines on your parking surface and you can calculate costs with our paint calculator. Located in Canada? Why not get your paint from Chiri Enterprises? They provide eco-friendly high-impact asphalt and concrete color coating. You can apply it directly on asphalt and concrete surfaces to reinforce and repair. It forms a rock-hard anti-slip smooth finish. Flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures and elements.

These tools will help you decide exactly what type of striping paint to purchase.

Delineate traffic areas with our concrete stencil to create smooth, clean lines. For larger jobs, consider using our parking lot striper. This machine is a time saver and can be used on many different surfaces.

Check out our Pavement Marking Equipment comparison page to help you understand what each type of line striper can do.

Paint Selection And Safety

Use paint specifically made for your application. Federal and state guidelines are in place to protect you and your customers. Safety guidelines will ensure you are following protocol and designating areas according to your location.

Regulations and guidelines may affect your striping paint color selection. You may have to follow specific guidelines regarding the color you can use for striping.

Perhaps you are a business owner, property owner, apartment building owner or a condo owner that will be buying the products. You may have a side business in athletic field stripers. Whatever you have in mind, be aware of rules and regulations.

Layout GuidelinesUse striping paint to mark your parking stalls

Consider whether you want standard single-line parking stalls or more roomy parking with double-line stalls. Angled parking makes backing out easier, lessening the chance of accidents.

Add a decorative touch to your parking area. Create rounded edges with striping paint to match the elegant look for your upscale establishment. This all adds up to curb appeal.

Plan a careful layout for your customers, delivery and pick-up services. Coordinate federal and state guidelines, handicapped parking, walking areas and traffic flow.

Surface Preparation

Applying parking lines takes some preparation, but you'll be glad you took the time. This is not the place to take a shortcut and go the amateur route.

With a few simple prep steps, you can add to the life of your parking lot and create a rock-solid professional look for your business.

This means creating a clean-lined, striping paint parking area.

Prepare your parking lot surface. This includes:

  • Crack repair. Unrepairable cracks will continue to erode or weaken your parking lot, creating a safety hazard and long-term expense.
  • Clean the surface of your lot. Grease, oil, dirt and debris will affect the adhering action of sealant as well as your painted lines. Our AK Universal Cleanser Degreaser is biodegradable and ecofriendly.
  • Apply sealant to protect your surface. This adds a professional touch to your parking lot and helps extend the life of your parking area.

Learn More

Learn everything that you need to know about striping paint with our Parking Lot Striping Course.

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