The Definitive Guide To The Striping Equipment You Need For A Line Striping Business

Striping equipment is rich in options and accessories, and can be overwhelming. You want to know exactly what you need for a line striping business to be profitable and productive. Here, we will cover all your bases—not just the line striping machines with their bells and whistles—but also the necessary accessories like stencils, spray guns, reflective beads, traffic paint and more.

Table Of Contents

  1. Where You Need To Focus Your Spending
    1. How Many Stalls Can The Striping Equipment Handle?
    2. Stencilling And Number Of Spray Guns
    3. Adding Ride-On To Your Line Striping Machine
    4. Other Considerations
    5. Bonus Tip: Reflective Bead Dispenser
  2. Traffic Paint
  3. How To Choose Stencils
  4. Additional Needs

Where You Need To Focus Your Spending

line striping equipmentLine striping machines are your most important and basic tool as it is the very backbone of your line striping business. You must choose carefully, and spend your money wisely. As this is the largest cost item, you will want to buy the very best you can afford. It will also need to handle your current job sites and have room to expand and grow with your needs.

How Many Stalls Can The Striping Equipment Handle?

First and simplest question is: how many stalls are you painting per year? Paint sprayers of every stripe have a basic expected usage per year. Clearly, if you only have a few clients with parking lots, your needs are far different from a line striping business who paints lines five days a week.

For example, the PowrLiner 550 is rated for 7 jobs a year with approx 30 stalls each, whereas the PowrLiner 4950 (and up) are built for full-time use. With thousands of dollars in difference at stake, be honest in your needs and future expectations. Burning out a smaller machine in less than a year is wasteful, but then again, so is spending a fortune on a line striping machine you’ll only use a few times a year.

# of stalls per job
# of jobs per year
AK Asphalt Striping Machine
20 oz aerosol cans
PowrLiner 550
5-gallon pail
PowrLiner 850
Yes, 1-gun
5-gallon pail
PowrLiner 1800
Yes, 1-gun
5-gallon pail
PowrLiner 2850
Yes, 1-gun plus 2-gun option
5-gallon pail
PowrLiner 4950
Yes, 2-gun configuration
12-gallon hopper
PowrLiner 6950
Yes, 2-gun configuration
12-gallon hopper
PowrLiner 8950
Yes, 2-gun configuration
12-gallon hopper

Stencilling And Number Of Spray Guns

Stencilling for Handicap SpotsEven the smallest of parking lots needs a handicapped stall, so you need to have a plan for how to paint them. Again, if your line striping business is just a small part of your company, you can always use a paint brush or an aerosol can of traffic paint. Time is money though, and if your company wants to be productive and profitable, striping equipment with stencilling capability is a must.

This is accomplished with a detachable spray gun so you can spray a stencil quickly and easily. A 2-man crew can double your productivity if you choose a line striping machine that has a 2-gun capacity. For instance, the PowrLiner 2850 comes in a 1-gun or a 2-gun configuration, and you can see for yourself what the price difference is and decide easily if it’s worth the increase in productivity.

Just remember, if you’re planning to build your line striping business, stencilling capabilities are a must-have on your striping equipment.

Adding Ride-On To Your Line Striping Machine

Walk-behind machines are standard, which makes sense since you need to see where you’re going. Once you get into the PowrLiner series 4950 and up, you have the option to take comfort and productivity to a whole other level with a PowrDriver seat. Here you drive your striping equipment, instead of walking behind it.

This provides so many benefits, including the ability to add a rear ball hitch for towing an auxiliary trailer, as well as an optional carrier that will hold up to three 5-gallon pails of traffic paint. The biggest benefit is the increase in productivity from being able to do the job quickly, easily, and without stress. Having this as an option for the future of your line striping business will make all the difference in choosing between the 2850 and the 4950.

Other Considerations

There are a few more things to look at before making a final decision on a line striping machine.

  • Paint Capacity – The PowrLiner striping equipment series up to the 2850 work from a 5 gallon pail, but the 4950 and up have a 12 gallon hopper. That’s more than double the capacity.
  • Warranty – Always important: check the warranty before you buy. Titan has the Industry’s Best And Longest Warranty, which is why we consider them the best choice for your line striping business.
  • Parts Availability – If your line striping machine needs a new part, how long will it take to get it? Again, Titan’s Quick Response Parts Program is spelled out so you know you’ll get the parts fast.

Bonus Tip: Reflective Bead Dispenser

Adding the reflective glass bead dispenser to your line striping machine is a huge time-saver. It will attach to the PowrLiner 4950, 6950, or 8950. With this you can add reflective glass beads while painting, at the pace you set. When your jobs demand highly visible markings, reflective glass beads are required, and must be added to wet paint. What could be simpler than having your striping equipment work to do this all in one pass?

Traffic Paint

use the right striping equipment for parking lot lines and parking stallsBuying the right marking paint to use in your striping equipment is the next in importance. Depending on where your line striping business is located, you may have restrictions on what type of traffic paint you can use.

Some states have banned the use of oil-based products, so the decision to use water-based is made for you. Regardless, it’s absolutely crucial to purchase paint made for pavement marking. Otherwise you run the risk of flaking, peeling, and early-wear that will destroy the reputation of your line striping business.

Just as important: never, ever let traffic paint freeze, as this will ruin it. This is why you must make sure to buy from a trusted source, which takes this into account when shipping paint for striping equipment.

How To Choose Stencils

line striping stencilsThis is easily the next most important in the list of striping equipment. You should take into account how many spray guns your line striping machine has. The thing with stencils is having only one of each is a huge drag on your productivity. Think about it; if you have only one handicap stencil, and you need to do 12 handicapped stalls, you are going to have to move that one stencil 12 times. You run the risk of smearing and dripping paint, as well as under-utilizing your line striping machine (especially if you have 2 guns).

Keep your line striping business working at full steam with multiple stencils. That way you can lay them all out, and spray paint without stopping. Invest in high quality, durable stencils that can be used time and time again. Be thorough, and research the different sizes and markings you’ll need to have for your line striping business: straight and curved arrows, numbers, letters, no parking, visitors, fire lane, handicap, exit, shipping/receiving, and more. Stencils are an integral part of your striping equipment for professional and productive results.

Additional Needs

Success for your line striping business depends on the preparation you do, and how you tackle things. Here are some important accessories beyond line striping machines that are needed:

  • Gas Blower: Clearing surface debris with a gas blower ensures the paint sticks and does not peel or flake away
  • Degreaser: Cleaning oil stains with a degreaser is just as necessary to get proper paint adhesion.
  • Measuring Wheel: This striping equipment is easily the most used. It allows you to quickly measure the lines to be painted so you order the right amount of traffic paint, and so you can quote the job accurately.
  • Chalk Line Reel: A must-have for laying out new parking lot lines so you can see where to steer the line striping machine.
  • Side Striper: Is a terrific perk for your line striping business, and a great way to win contracts. This is a light, portable, compact line striping machine that will hook up to any airless paint sprayer and fits in between parked cars! Plus, it’s the perfect striping equipment to use for marking sports fields, tennis courts, parking lot curbs and anywhere that manoeuvrability is key.
  • Sealcoat: Nobody is perfect, so be sure to have some sealcoating and a roller on the job to black-out any wayward paint markings or mistakes.

Now You’re In-The-Know For What Your Line Striping Business Needs

Knowing upfront exactly what you need for a profitable and productive company is the key to success. Start with choosing the right line striping machine for you now and for future expansion. Look at what each model has for usage-rating and stencilling capabilities. Look forward and think about if you want to add a ride-on driver’s seat or bead dispenser, and choose a model that can grow with your needs. Never forget about warranty and parts replacement to ensure you’ve got the highest quality striper and minimum down time.

line striping businessEquip your company with real traffic paint from a reputable source that protects against freezing for professional results and paint that won’t flake away instantly. Purchase durable stencils of all the varieties you will need on the job. Be sure to invest in multiple stencils when you know you’ll need to do the same marking over and over on one job.

Finally, don’t forget important accessories like a gas blower, measuring wheel, chalk line, side striper, and sealcoating. Now you have the definitive guide to choosing the striping equipment, options, and accessories for your line striping business’s success.