Road Marking Paint

Road marking paint will refresh your parking lot, adding curb appeal, safety features and a positive experience for your customers.

Road marking paint is great for painting parking lot linesIt's frustrating for customers who can't see parking lines clearly, to struggle with entering and exiting your establishment, or to have to dodge cracks and pot holes in your parking area.

There are simple steps you can take to make that crucial first impression. You can learn how to maintain your parking lot and you'll be able to implement improvements with the knowledge that you've gotten the biggest bang for your buck.

Did you know that all different types of businesses utilize road marking paint?

  • Business owners
  • Property owners
  • Apartment building owners
  • Condo owners
  • Athletic/event field marking businesses

Whatever your goal is, you can design crisp edging in an eye-pleasing configuration with your client or customer needs in mind.

Handy Online Tools

Learn how to apply edges on your parking surface and calculate costs with our product calculator. Our striping equipment can be handled by one person.

Our striper machines are used for different types of surfaces. You can use them for small and large lots. Striper equipment saves time and money because you can control the amount of road marking paint used for marker edges, which saves both product and costs.

Our Striper machines feature telescoping handles, reversible striping options, pressure control features and a lightweight frame. We also offer a selection of painting products.

Look at our comparison page to give you a better idea of what types of equipment we offer that can match your needs.

These tools will help you learn more about our products. Other options include premade stencils. Our striping equipment can make your job fast and easy.

Paint Choices

Now that you have learned about equipment options, are you wondering what type of road marking paint you should use for your project? A lot of it will depend upon what your project is. Perhaps you are painting a curb with your house number, or want to highlight an awkward step to prevent injuries.

Ask yourself how much traffic the project will get, what your maintenance plans are and what your budget considerations are.

Use water based products for low-traffic, low-expense and yearly touch-up projects. High traffic areas might need more expensive, oil based applications that can withstand the wear and tear of high traffic.

Are you thinking about reflective properties for special areas in your road marking paint? Add glass beads to your product.

Our water and oil based products come in 5-gallon containers for easy application.

You may prefer an aerosol product. Our AK aerosol products have 50% more pigment, which means a solid and fast application.

Plan your project around the weather. Warm temperatures of at least 60 degrees and low chance of precipitation are the best conditions for adhesion.


Use high quality road marking paint for durabilityPlan your space in a way that will expedite clearly marked entrances and traffic flow. Are you planning a new parking area? Perhaps you need to refresh your handicapped parking location. You can use road marking paint in various ways to organize your layout.

You can add straight or rounded edges to your work, depending on the purpose and detail you want for curb appeal.

There are several standard formats for parking:

  • Single-edge is an economical, space-saving choice.
  • Double-edge will give customers more room and is a spacious alternative.
  • Angled application offers more visibility for backing out vehicles.

Preparation Guide

Keep your business professional-looking and well-maintained. You can extend the life of your lot through cleaning, repairing and sealing over imperfections. Each of these steps are important to give you a positive result.

Road marking paint is applied over hard surfaces or turf. If you have a hard surface, you can easily fill cracks with our AK Cold or Hot Pour Filler.

Another step for hard surfaces is to remove grease and oil before you apply sealant or paint. This way your applications will stick to your surface. Our AK Universal Cleanser Degreaser is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Seal your hard surface and you are ready to apply your paint.

Crisp, even rows of clearly marked exit, entrance and other road directions will be the finishing touch to a well-organized traffic plan.

Learn How

Learn about road marking paint, surface preparation, striper equipment and paint options. Your customers will benefit. Your bottom line will benefit.

Check out what you need to know about striper configuration with our Striping Course.

If you'd like some free no-pressure advice from one of our experienced experts, phone us at 1-866-444-5231 or send us your questions by email. We're here to help you get exactly what you need to get the job done right.