TITAN PowrLiner 8955 Ultimate Striper

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Quick Overview

The Titan PowrLiner 8955 traffic line painter provides more output with more power when your work demands large-scale and full-time duty for roads, sports fields, parking lots, and airports.

PowrLiner 8955

4The PowrLiner 8955 traffic line painter is built to handle full-time and large-scale projects. From parking lots to roads, sports fields to airports, you can line stripe precisely and quickly.

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The PowrLiner 8955 Is Titan’s Workhorse Hydraulic Line Striping Machine:

Parking Lot Striping
Field Striping
parking lot paint

When your work involves large-scale projects, whether its line striping airports, or field striping sports fields, the 8955 is built to handle the job quickly, profitably, and accurately. Maximum performance combined with durable reliability that minimizes downtime and maintenance.

Flexibility is key, and the ability to switch from gas to electric, without a single tool, gives you that flexibility. You’ll be able to move from striping warehouses indoors with electric power, where gas emissions are not permitted, to parking lot line striping quickly and cord-free with gas power.

Pressure control is precise, ranging from 400 psi to 3300 psi. This allows you to spray everything from light-bodied coatings all the way to low-VOC striping paints.

Delivers a maximum of 2.50 gallons per minute, gives you the ultimate in production and speed.

PowrLiner 8955 Features

  • Honda GX200 (200cc / 6.5hp) ELECTRIC START w/100 watt lamp coil
  • Frame Is Epoxy-Finished And Heavy-Duty: Resists harsh solvents and corrosion to ensure long-life
  • Electric Start: For easy operation
  • Pneumatic Tires: Give you shock absorption for a smooth ride, leaving lines crisp and clear
  • Reliable, Smooth, Slow-Stroking Speeflo HydraDrive: For greatly extended operational life-span on the sprayer. Plus, engineered for easy maintenance and quick troubleshooting
  • WideTrack Front Wheel: Locks to stripe precise straight, or radius, lines
  • SAE O-Ring Fitting: Ensuring precision rod alignment for maximum pump life
  • Mechanical Valve: Avoiding the unreliable (and expensive!) electronic switching devices
  • Severe Service 900 Pump: Cylinder and piston rod have an extended life of up to 150% of the competitions with the proprietary heat-treating process to temper them
  • Packings Are Self-Adjusting: Preventing premature wear, and resists over-tightening
  • Heavy-Duty Prime/Spray Valve: For faster pump priming and consistent increased flow
  • Reversible Inlet And Outlet Seats With Extra Large Ball Valves: Lasting up to twice as long as ordinary outlet seats, efficient pump operation and longer unit life
  • Easily Removed Foot Valves: For faster cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Second Gun Kit Is Standard: Allows you to set up for painting wide or dual lines
  • 12 Gallon Paint Hopper
  • Adjustable Gun Mount: Can be configured to spray from left or right side, as well as adjusts from front or rear
  • Equipped With: S-3 (4-Finger) spray gun, 1908 (4″ pattern tip), and 1/4″ x 50′ hose, along with 2 gun kit (S-3, 4-Finger spray gun) 6′ x 1/4″ whip hose and 1908 and 517 tips.
  • Large Hose Storage Rack: Holds up to 300 feet of hose

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Titan Model Number0290054
Maximum Tip Size (1-gun Configuration)0.052"-0.054"
Maximum Tip Size (2-gun Configuration)0.038"
Maximum Paint Output2.5 GPM (10.68 lpm)
Maximum Spraying Speed*752 linear feet (229 m) per minute
Possible Width of Lines2" - 24" (5 cm - 60 cm)
Maximum Operating Pressure3300 PSI (22.8 MPa)
Maximum Length of Hose300' (91.4 m)
Powered By196 cc Honda® OHV Engine w/Electric Start
Pump DriveHydraulic
Electrical System12 W
Paint Outlet Filter
- Element
- Filter Area
60 mesh
18 in2 (116 cm2)
Gun Model (Airless)S-3
Hose Model (Airless)316-505, measuring 1/4" x 50' (15.2 m)
Airless Striping Tips (Supplied per Gun)1 TR1™ Line Striping Tip (model number 697-419), 4" Line by .019" orifice
Weight - Unit
- Unit As It Ships
370 lbs
405 lbs
Dimensions - Unit41" High x 31" Wide x 60" Long
104 cm High x 79 cm Wide x 152 cm L
Dimensions - Unit As It Ships49" High x 33" Wide x 64" Long
125 cm High x 84 cm High x 163 cm Long
Coatings Compatibility reversible tipWorks with almost all advanced, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) waterborne traffic paints
Common ApplicationsFull-time duty parking line striping and athletic line striping

*Based on 4" (10 cm) line @ 15 mil wet film thickness and 320 linear feet per gallon coverage.

Download the PowrLiner 8955 Owner's Manual

*All specifications subject to change without notice.

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