Pavement Marker

Pavement Marker Application

Pavement MarkerLearning about pavement marker applications can save you time and money.

Sometimes cutting corners is not the best way to go. When you paint your parking area, you want to enhance your customer's experience, providing safety features and smooth traffic flow.

If you have a parking lot to mark, a side business painting sports fields or if you want to paint surfaces as a business, you'll want to design and implement layouts with your customer needs in mind.

The quality of your work not only depends on the products you use, it will also depend on how you get the job done.

Quality pavement marker application will impress upon your customers your concern for the quality of your business.

Clearly marked and maintained parking areas say something about how you take care of your clients as well.

Handy Online Tools

Learn quickly and easily with just a small click of your mouse.

  • Collect information when you need it with our tutorial on how to paint edges on your parking surface. Knowledge is power and can help you get the job done efficiently.
  • You can add up costs with our product calculator. Just plug in a few numbers and find out what your pavement marker costs will be.
  • Our striping equipment can be run individually and can be used on all types of surfaces. These machines handle small or large paved areas and the beauty of using them is that you control the amount of paint used. This is a cost-cutting feature that will keep your business in the black. This equipment has telescoping handles and versatile striping tips. You control the pressure. Our machines are light-weight so you can move them easily.
  • Stop by our comparison page to help you understand what each type of line striper can offer for your pavement marker project.
  • Design smaller traffic area road markings with our pre-made stencils. The good news is the choice is yours.

Paint Information

Oil-Based Paint is best for long-lasting pavement markers Water based applications work for light traffic areas that you perform annual maintenance on. This type of product for projects will cost less, as it isn't quite as durable as oil based applications. This paint will work very well for areas that receive less wear and tear. Curbs are an excellent choice for this kind of product.

Oil based products

Our water and oil based applications can be purchased in convenient and manageable 5-gallon containers.

AK's aerosol applications contain 50% more pigment. You can finish painting curbs, parking areas and small projects quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Apply our products when low precipitation and temperatures higher than 60 degrees are predicted.

Lot Layout

How your lot is laid out will encourage quick drop-off and delivery service. Your special needs clients will be able to enter and exit safely. Consider walking areas and traffic flow.

You may want to create pavement marker configurations in several different ways.

  • standard single-edge parking stalls are cost and space efficient.
  • double-edge stalls offer more room for cars and more space for your customers to get in and out of vehicles.
  • Angled parking may work well with your lot configuration and helps your customers back out more easily. This may also reduce accident risk.

You can add special touches to your work. Create rounded edges for a more polished look to your parking area. This is the type of thing that your customers will notice; that you pay attention to detail.

Elegantly edged pavement marker trim will put your space a step above others, drawing in customers and passersby.

Learn Today

Make an informed decision. Learn about surface preparation, striper equipment and paint options. Your customers and your business are worth it.

Learn everything you need to know about striping needs with our Parking Lot Striping Course.

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