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Learn how to get clear lines that last!

line striping course

Line striping is a service that every parking lot needs, whether it's your own parking lot or your clients'. Learn how to make clear, precise parking lot lines with our free line striping course delivered to your inbox.

This 6-part email course details everything about parking lot striping, even designing the parking lot stalls and making this service into a business!

Here is a summary of what you will learn:

Intro to Line Striping: How line striping can benefit you, whether you want to add parking striping to your existing business, make it into a new business, or want to do it for your own parking lots.

The Equipment and Products: Learn about what products you need for effective striping and which model of line striper you need for the jobs you expect to do.

How to Prepare Your Surface: You need to make sure your surface is prepared properly for the paint to adhere to your asphalt or concrete. Learn about cleaning your surface and how to mark your stalls for painting.

The Different Types of Line Striping: Learn about refreshing parking lot lines, creating a new parking lot design, making angled parking lines, and stencilling.

Maintaining Your Line Striping Equipment: This part of the course details how to clean up your job area, as well as how to clean up your equipment and painting materials.

How to Price and Charge Your Clients: If you're line striping as a business, you want to know how to properly price your services. We give you our recommendations for the fee per linear foot, as well as how to charge for stencils and curbing.

How to Care for Clients and Loyalty Programs: Clients are the key to any business. Learn how to connect with your clients to foster loyalty and generate repeat business.


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