Line Painting

Painting your Parking Area

Line PaintingLine painting application will look more professional with a complete sealcoat resurface and a clearly marked parking area.

This is not the time to cut corners, in fact, the time and effort you put into your parking lot is truly an investment in your business.

The company's curb appeal, along with the effort and care you show regarding your business will be noticed by current and potential customers.

Use parking line paint to delineate all traffic areas. This paint creates durable markings and can be used with our concrete stencil to create clean lines quickly and efficiently.

To produce professional looking line painting, consider using our parking lot striper. It saves time and can be used on many different surfaces. Click on our comparison page to help you decide which line striper will work best for the type of work you have in mind.

As a business owner, property owner, apartment building owner or condo owner, you have specific needs. Perhaps you have a side business in athletic field stripers. Whatever the case may be, we have the products you need.

How Much Paint?

You can determine the cost and amount of paint needed with our paint calculator.

First Steps

Plan your line painting preparation with a few things in mind. You might be interested in how to paint lines, a tutorial that will help you produce a professional result.

You'll want your customers to navigate easy-to-follow traffic areas with clearly marked, designated areas.

You'll be able to increase your parking lot space and the exterior of your business will look more professional.

What is great about this is that you can do it all yourself. You'll be able to plan it the way you want it and save money.

Paint Selection And Safety Protocols

Line Painting your Parking Lot AreasPlan your areas regarding usage and surface for line painting. Use paint specifically made for your parking lot use and surface. Federal and state guidelines are in place to protect you and your customers.

Safety guidelines will ensure you are following protocol and designating areas according to your location.

Regulations and guidelines may affect your striping paint color selection. You may have to follow specific guidelines regarding the color you can use for your striping.

Guidelines for different line painting rules and regulations must be considered and adhered to.

Layout Considerations

Plan a careful layout for your customers, delivery and pick-up services. Coordinate federal and state guidelines, handicapped parking, walking areas and traffic flow.

Local ordinances may play a role in your parking area plan.

Surface Preparation

Prep your surfaces. You can add to the life of your parking lot and create a professional look for your business.

Prepare your parking lot surface. This includes:

  • Removing grease, oil, dirt and debris. This will create effective adhesion. Our universal cleaner is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Your sealcoating and line painting will last longer with a clean bond.
  • Crack repair. Cracks will erode your parking lot until they are patched and sealed.
  • Apply sealant. This application adds a professional, new look to your parking lot and helps extend the life of your parking area.

There's More

Learn more about painting lines with our Parking Lot Striping Course.

If you'd like some free no-pressure advice from one of our experienced experts, phone us at 1-866-444-5231 or send us your questions by email. We're here to help you get exactly what you need to get the job done right.