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Line Paint your Parking LotCreate a professional-looking result with quality line paint products and tools to help you get the job done.

Are you a business owner or property owner? Perhaps you own an apartment or condo building. You could be planning to design and paint your car area.

You may have a side business in athletic field stripers. Whatever the case may be, design your layout with your client or customer needs in mind.

You will create great curb appeal, a positive customer experience and can potentially add more money to your bottom line.

Clearly marked and maintained lot areas say something about how you take care of your business.

Line paint products will help you reach all of these goals.

Online Tools

Our handy tools can help you learn more about your project.

  • If you need to learn how to apply edges to your lot surface, check out our how to configure edges guide.
  • We offer another feature to calculate costs with our product calculator.
  • We offer different types of striping equipment to meet your needs.
  • Take a look at our comparison page to help you understand more about the qualities of our striper machines.
  • Design traffic markings with our parking stencils.

Additionally, we offer line paint products. All of this information will guide you in learning about striping products; their elements and applications.

Product Information

Apply water based product in light traffic areas. The cost is lower and this product is best applied every year, if necessary. Parking lots, fire lanes and curbs can all be trimmed with this type of application.

For long-lasting, durable results, oil based applications should be your choice. Keep in mind that you will need to prep any water based painted areas if you plan to apply oil based product over these surfaces.

Glass beads can be added to your line paint for reflective purposes.

Our water based product and oil based product comes in 5-gallon containers and can be applied with a striping machine.

Use our AK commercial grade aerosol application for fast, temporary needs. They contain 50% more color and dry to a tacky consistency very quickly.

Product application works best at an even temperature of at least 60 degrees. Plan to edge your surface when rain is not predicted.

Parking Lot Layout

Use line paints to mark your parking spotsCoordinate federal, state and local requirements. Allow for handicapped parking, walking areas and traffic flow.

You may choose to design cost effective, single-strip parking stalls or line paint more spacious, double-trim stalls.

Perhaps you'll find that angled parking will help your customers move in and out of their specific areas more easily. You can even add a decorative flourish to your upscale business with rounded lot striper edges.

Your attention to detail will be noticed by customers and passersby.

Preparation Guide

Repair cracks with Cold or Hot Pour Filler.

Clean your parking surface. Grease and oil affect and shorten the life of your lot. Our biodegradable degreaser will clean your lot quickly and is eco-friendly.

A sealant topcoat will finish and protect your lot area.

Line paint will be the finishing touch to a well-organized business.

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How can you save money designing or maintaining your parking area? You can make the right decisions for your business.

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