Football Field Painting

Winning Football Fields

Football Field Painting Create an intimidating force with a well-trained team and professional-looking football field painting.

There are specific regulations for marking a football field. Dimensions, lines, zones, goals and pylons all need to be clearly measured and noted.

These edges need to be considered a safe application that dries quickly and can be clearly seen by players, referees and visitors.

Contrasting marking, line widths and directional arrows should be consistent and within the guidelines and policies of the organization utilizing the field.

In other words, just like the players on the field, you need to know your stuff to make your business a success.

We can help you understand expenses and learn to apply football field painting to your turf.

Online Tools

You can tackle this project on your own by taking a look at our how to configure edges tutorial. Would you like to have an idea of the cost? Use our quick and easy product calculator.

The PowrLiner 1800m is ideal for football field paintingOur striping equipmen can be handled by one person, which means you can get the job done efficiently, working around your time and your busy schedule.

Application equipment creates precise configurations and controls the amount of striper used, which is another money and time saver.

Our machines have telescoping handles, striping tips and pressure control options. Plan your football field painting with these tools in mind, so you can get the job done quickly.

Visit our comparison page for more information to help you find a line striper. You can quickly learn about other features for each machine.

You can also read more about marking products. You can design specific areas with our pre-made stencils, or use striping equipment for this job as well. The goal is to make your work productive.

Paint Selections

Water based paint will work very well for light-traffic areas. This is a less expensive product choice and may be an option that works for your football field painting needs.

For long-lasting, durable results, use oil based product. It is a more expensive option.

Aerosol paints make Football Field Painting quick and easyYou can use our aerosol applications for your sports needs. This item is great for temporary line striping and our products contain 50% more pigment. This means fast, simple and visible application.

The team can be back on the field in an hour with our aerosol items.

Avoid applying on rainy days or during temperatures of below 60 degrees.

Consider standardized layouts, including any regulations that are in place. Once you know your layout, you can start to plan how much product you need.

Football field painting takes a bit of time, but it will be money well-spent.

Here's How

You can make an educated, informed decision. What you do is worth it.

Use our Parking Lot Striping Course to help you get started.

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