Football Field Lines

Applying Football Field Edging

Football Field Lines

When the heat is on and the big game is about to be played, you want to make sure you have crisp, clear football field lines.

If you are a sports fan, you are probably aware of the regulations for creating a football field. Each area needs to be consistently and specifically marked. Dimensions, edges, zones, goals and pylons have to meet certain criteria for official play.

On top of that, nonhazardous products that dry quickly and can be distinctly seen by players, referees and visitors is an expectation.

Contrasting marking, 4-inch wide configurations and directional arrows should be consistent and within the rules and policies of the organization utilizing the space.

Just like the players on the field, create a win-win situation with precise football field lines.

Ready To Get Started?

Paint edges on your turf and figure out costs with our paint calculator. Check out our striping equipment to see what machines will work for your field.

Everything you need to make football field lines in one easy package Our striper equipment can be managed single-handedly. You can paint smooth edges with even paint distribution. This is a money and time advantage with our equipment.

Navigate the field with telescoping handles and reversible striping tips. You control the pressure and our machines are lightweight and easy to transport.

Stop by our striping equipment comparison page for more information about products that suit your needs.

You can paint football field lines with our machines and you might want to consider our pre-made stencils for small jobs.

Paint Picks

Choose paint made for your needs.

For a football field, our AK commercial-grade aerosol paints dry quickly and are very visible. This is due to the high concentration of pigment in our aerosol products. This means quick, solid and visible application.

Water based applications cost less than oil based applications and are used for short term projects.

For long-lasting, durable results; use our oil based application. It costs more because of its long-lasting qualities.

Select items based on whether or not your football field lines are temporary or season-long.

Field Layout and Planning

Consider how you can accommodate your field layout plus federal and state regulations. This may also mean entrance and exit areas. You may have to keep the flow of the area and the land layout in mind.

Researching what you need will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You'll know which products and supplies are best for your field.

Start with level, healthy grass or a quality artificial surface. Grass should be cut using the one-third rule, cutting only the top third of the grass. This will keep your football field lines intact. Watering, fertilizing and basic care will keep your natural grass surface and paint application fresh.

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