Field Marking Paint

Edging a Field Layout

Field Marking Paint If your goal is to create a professional-looking field with field marking paint, you've come to the right place.

Accuracy, careful planning and cost efficiency is everything, and how you plan your field layout will matter.

Depending on the sport being played, you'll have to be aware of careful dimensions regarding lines, zones, goals or other areas specific to the event taking place.

These areas need to be carefully measured. They also need to be carefully edged to meet standard guidelines.

Using quick drying product, with precise and visible edging, is the name of the game.

Any type of directional arrows, contrasting markings and application widths need to be considered when using field marking paint.

What would you like your work to say about you? How you configure your field area will be noticed by everyone at your event. Configure your field with our easy-to-use equipment and quality applications.

Online Tools

You can learn more about applying lines on your field when it's convenient for you. You can also learn more about cost and product options with our product calculator. Our striping equipment features telescoping handles, reversible striping tips, pressure control features and portability.

Our machines can be run by one person. You can create smooth, precise edges and use a consistent amount of field marking paint, saving you time and money.

Take a look at our pavement marking equipment comparison page to help you understand the options and features our line stripers have.

Application Tips

We have three types of paint products. For small projects, use our pre-made stencils with our items.

  • Light traffic zones work well with water based products. Although less durable, this application is used for short term projects or areas that have yearly maintenance.
  • High traffic zones generally need oil based applications. Its durability is reflected in its cost.
  • Temporary or quick projects can be applied with our aerosol products.

Your field marking paint will create brightly colored, precisely marked and clearly defined areas.



Some of your application guides will be determined by the natural lay of the field. These are sideline areas, not the main areas of play, which have standard dimensions that are consistent with league guidelines.

It is important to lay out your field accurately and it's also important to create zones with edges that are concentrated and work well on turf.

Our aerosol product dries to a tacky consistency within an hour, getting your team back on the field.

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You can save money and use professional-grade field marking paint, easily and simply.

Knowledge is power and the more aware you are, the more you can make an informed decision. Get more tips and learn the information you need to know with our Striping Course.

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